Karma Tenzin was born in 1988 in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), China. He currently works and lives in Lhasa. After graduating from College of Art, Tibet University in 2010, Karma started to be a teacher at Damxung County Secondary School in Lhasa. The place of creation was mainly in the school and a small bedroom of about 10 square meters.  Karma achieved the happiness from art.  He had love, freedom and the opportunities to express himself which made him to forget the hardships of the real environment.  Karma’s works were exhibited in domestic and international art institutions, including Red Gate Gallery (Beijing), Conrad Hong Kong (Asian Contemporary Art Show), Bocun Art Space (Tibet), Gendu Choephel Art Gallery (Tibet) and so on.



Artist Statement
The current society is institutionalized and regularized, so we can only act as a clown, do formalism and to be an actor. Therefore, the present life needs to be reflected in a superb form since life is the source of art. I take art as part of my life, a natural phenomenon. I calmly observe, think, draw my own conclusion and finish my work. I think that the real art always comes from the heart and above it. My heart is determined by my sincere thoughts and passions.