Nornor was born in 1988 in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) China, and he currently lives and works in Namulin county in Shigatse. After graduating from College of Art, Tibet University in 2010, he embarked on teaching in Nanmulin Secondary School. Since 2011, his works have been displayed in different art institutions and galleries, including Gendu Choephel Art Gallery (Tibet), Red Gate Gallery (Beijing), Yak Museum of Tibet (Lhasa).




Artistic Statement

Since childhood, I have loved painting and had a preliminary understanding of art under the guidance of Professor Penpa. For the College Entrance Examination, because of the additional art test, I successfully received the offer from the College of Art. There I met Professor Gade and other excellent artists. From then on, I fell in love with art and even more with contemporary art. They have become parts of my body.

In 2012, under the introduction of Professor Penpa, I joined Bocun Art Space and set foot on the Journey of artistic creation. In order to have more time to create, I left Lhasa after graduation to work as a teacher in Nanmulin Secondary School in Shigatse. It seems that my career was far away from the contemporary art atmosphere, but, with the help of the internet, I never left the front line of contemporary art. KAWS, Yayoi Kusama… all the lines, waves, and reticulated figures are striking my mind.

I am fond of fashion trends and like to use various media, including using markers, sewing and the other materials to inject more creative possibilities. When I constantly absorb the nutrients from the contemporary art world at home and abroad, I also make attempts to add my own opinions to the works and express my inner feelings. Growing up in the land of Tibet, I always pay attention to things around me in daily life. They give me inspirations to create. I hope to focus on the current changes in Tibet and combine the cultural connotation of Tibet with the modern culture.