Phuchong was born in 1991 in Shigatse, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), China. Now he lives and works in Lhoka. After graduating from Lhasa Teacher College in 2012, he became a policeman in the town of Samye. Puchong’s main works have been exhibited in Bocun Art Space (Lhasa) and Yak Museum of Tibet (Lhasa).



Artist Statement
I've been experimenting with a quiet and empty visual effect to express my artistic intent over these years. Thus, I decide to use black as the background and combine the traditional thangka techniques and with the expressive form of modern painting to achieve a different visual experience. Looking for the possibility of a new image effect, I reverently expressed the present life I experienced. Currently, I have created a group of works with black background including the works exhibit in this show, Time Square, Red Sofa and Game.