Tashi Phuntsok was born in 1977 in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), China. Now he lives and works in Lhasa. Right after graduating from the Academy of Arts, Minzu University of China in 2003, he and the other artists established Bocun Art Space. Since 2010, he has been a teacher at Lhasa No. 3 Primary School. His works were showed in different art institutions and galleries, such as Coral & Feather Gallery (Beijing), Songzhuang Art Center (Beijing), Bocun Art Space (Tibet) and more. Currently, he participated in The 9th China International Youth Art Festival (Beijing) and The 13th Asian Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong).




Artist Statement
Art for me is living in another world. This is a spiritual thing, a little bit away from the usual real life, just like an emotion and a kind of feeling. We should learn to separate the spiritual enjoyment and the material enjoyment. Art brings me new knowledge, which is a ladder for me to progress. And, it allows me to discover another world. As a Tibetan Artist, I believe that the relationship between Tibetan contemporary art and world contemporary art is a process of mutual studying.