Thohim was born in 1989 in Shigatse, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), China. Now he lives in Lhasa. After graduating from Lhasa Teachers College in 2012, Thohim taught at Lalu Primary School in Lhasa. Thohim’s main works are exhibited in Bocun Art Space (Lhasa) and Yak Museum of Tibet (Lhasa).



Artist Statement

At the beginning of the study of painting, I could not be understood by others. When my family saw me drawing black and white sketches, they were very taboo. They would associate the sketches with the black-and-white picture of the post-death photo on TV. Going to college is something for parents to be proud of. When they knew I was going to study art, they didn't understand. They thought that I was no differences from my brother who used to draw Tibetan pattern furniture for other people's houses during the off seasons. During the art examination, my relatives living in Shigatse also objected me to taking the art examination. Fortunately, all my high schoolmates supported me and pooled up 400RMB for me to go to Lhasa to take the Art examination.

In 2009, when I was in college, a group of avant-garde artists from Tibet held "Scorching Sun of Tibet - Tibetan Contemporary Art Exhibition". The published catalogue was my first time to come across Tibetan contemporary art. I have been receiving the traditional college education and am unable to understand contemporary art, so, naturally I lack desires to try. Thus, I still adhere the traditional ways - painting from observation and sketch to create. However, out of respects for the elders, the desires for different painting’s knowledges and not to exclude these avant-garde painting methods, I also seriously visited contemporary art exhibitions held in Lhasa every time.

In the first semester of my junior year, I chose the direction of traditional Chinese painting. This was because the erudite Chinese painting professor often talks with us like friends. He shared different forms of arts, talked about Buddhism, and we climbed mountains and took photos together on weekends. In holiday, we went to several temples to see some old murals at our own expenses (similar to the inspection), but not so serious. This made me more obsessed with arts. After engaging in the work, I learned oil painting by myself. Firstly, I really love it. Secondly, the preparation of the oil painting tools is simple and suitable for me who has little spare time. Therefore, on weekends, I often sketch around Lhasa.

In 2013, I met seven members of Bocun Art Space in the small courtyard of the Lhasa ba Er Ku Cun neighborhood committee. Seeing them holding a theme exhibition as scheduled every year is my most direct opportunity to face and to understand the creative conceptions of a group of contemporary Tibetan artists. Under the influenced of them, I embarked on creating contemporary art.




2009年刚上大学那会,西藏一群前卫的艺术家在北京798举办了《烈日西藏 - 当代艺术展》,出版的画册是我首次接触到的西藏当代艺术作品。我一直在接受传统学院教育,看不懂当代艺术,自然也没有想要尝试的心理。因此,依旧坚持以传统的方式 -- 写生和素描 -- 来进行创作。但出于对前辈的尊敬、不同绘画知识的渴求以及不排斥这些前卫的画法,也认真参观过拉萨每次举办的当代艺术展。