Zhang Zhaohui (b. 1965, Beijing, China) is a scholar, writer and artist who currently lives and works in Beijing, China. He is also the lecturer in Chinese Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. He graduated from the Department of History majoring in Museum Studies at Nankai University in 1988; obtained MA degree from Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts under the doctorial advisor of Shui Zhongtian in 1995; and MA degree in Curatorial Studies in Contemporary Art Research Center from Bard College in 1998; and studied in the PhD program of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2003-2006 under the doctoral advisor of Pan Gongkai.

He has held solo and group exhibitions in China, Japan, the United States, France, Germany and other regions. His work is held in many important public collections and individuals, including the Art Institute of Chicago, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and The Macao Museum of Art among others.

He employs Chinese traditional ink to arrange the lines one by one elegantly, and by marking ingenious use of the fortuitousness caused by the blending of water and ink, so that make the whole work is fill of the sense of order and endowed with abstraction and brevity. By this kind of practice, the artist has absorbed Western abstract art, minimalism, and other artistic concepts, beyond mere exploration of form, and gives the ink materials with modernity, and without any formality brings eastern traditional ink painting into a new pattern. 


张朝晖1965年生于中国北京,是一名学者、作家和艺术家,目前生活和工作于中国北京。他1988年毕业于南开大学历史系博物馆专业,获得文学学士;1995年于中国艺术研究院研究生院获得艺术硕士,导师为水中天;1998年于美国纽约巴德学院当代艺术研究中心获得艺术硕士,并于2003-2006年在中央美术学院进行博士生项目深造,导师为潘公凯。他在中国、日本、美国等地举办了许多的个人展览和群展。他的作品被美国芝加哥艺术学院、 日本福冈亚洲美术馆、中国澳门艺术博物馆等公共机构和个人收藏。