Beau Rhee

THE PRIVATE IS POLITICAL Teatro Two-Tone Tights-Yves Klein Blue by Atelier de Geste

$ 35


Living as Art: Legs are our pillars of strength, moving us along through life. They are an attitude, a lifestyle, a style. Living is about legs!

The Private is Political is an Atelier de Geste project that aims to empower the wearer to boldly move through space. The sensual and unisex styles are inspired by historic men’s hosiery for sport. Colorful, geometric, theatrical design.

Colors of the line are inspired by artists palettes: Caspar David Friedrich ocean-grays, Calligraphy ink-black, Yves Klein Blue, Rothko reds, Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro.

The tights are meant to feel like soft armor, made with the finest and most strong & flexible micro-fibers. Made by the best Italian machines in one of the best South Korean hosiery mills.

  • Timeless geometric design : sheer interior, opaque exterior
  • Supreme color & texture 
  • Democratic one size fits most 
  • Strong fibers for active people 

Five Color Variations. As seen in Pharrell Williams' music video Marilyn Monroe