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WILD IS THE WIND Eau de Parfum by Atelier de Geste

$120.00 • 1.7 oz

WILD IS THE WIND Eau de Parfum


WILD IS THE WIND Eau de Parfum

WILD IS THE WIND Eau de Parfum


“Don’t you know your life itself / Like a leaf clings to a tree
Oh my darling cling to me / For we’re creatures of the wind
And wild is the wind / So wild is the wind”
as sung by Nina Simone - Dimitri Tiomkin & Ned Washington Wild is the Wind 1957

WILD IS THE WIND is a composition of essences that are thought to be most emotionally captivating. Seductive, enveloping warmth: a portrait of a dynamic emotion or spirit. Full of movement, this scent is an unexpected and complex arrangement of rosebuds, pine and smoldering muscs. Base notes of leather and spirits.



Numbered limited edition. Painted glass base and cap. Mixed in a historic perfumery in Grasse, France with the finest most-natural essences. No sulfates, phtalates or parabens.

SIZE 1.7 oz (50 ml)

TOP: rose petals, verveine, savage geranium
MIDDLE: woody pine, jasmin musk, pomegranate tree blossom, leather
BASE: white musk, exotic santal


"WILD IS THE WIND is reminiscent of fire: it makes very little noise, and yet it creates so much heat. This is a quiet, smoldering creature that lurks mysteriously." -

"WILD IS THE WIND was my favorite upon introduction to the line and even after wearing all three extensively it is still my favorite...The opening feels very classic like it could have come from a vintage fragrance of yesteryear. The classicism is reinforced with a very spicy rose. The vintage vibe gets slapped to the side with a healthy leather accord which takes WILD IS THE WIND to the animalic side of things. The animalic ideas are intensified as musk is added.
This is a whip-cracking fragrance full of passion and desire." -