Li Xu was born in 1970 in Inner Mongolia, China. Now he lives and works in Beijing, China, and New York, USA. Li Xu graduated from Oil Painting Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1997; he graduated from the fourth studio of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2004; he received doctor’s degree in Oil Painting from the Central Academy of Fine Art in 2012. His doctoral research interests are Research on Chinese Oil Painting and Traditional Culture; doctoral thesis, Free Viewing: The Space Concept of Portrait Art in Han Dynasty, has been collected by National Library of China.


Li Xu’s works have been exhibited different art institutes at home and abroad, including National Art Museum of China, Today Art Museum, CAFA Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, China Millennium Monument, Grand Palais, Congress Palace Museum, Cairo and more. Currently, his works have been collected by China Millennium Monument, Yuan Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, Huan Tie Times Art Museum, Vest Agder Museum, China Millennium Monument, Yuan Art Museum, and other art institutions.


黎旭1970年出生于中国内蒙古,目前居住工作于中国北京和美国纽约。 1997年毕业于天津美术学院油画系; 2004年毕业于中央美术学院油画系第四工作室研究生班;2012 年毕业于中央美术学院,获得油画专业博士学位。博士研究方向:中国油画与传统文化研究 ; 博士论文《自由观看 —汉代画像艺术的空间观》 由中国国家图书馆收录 。           


黎旭的作品已在国内外不同艺术机构展出,包括中国美术馆,今日美术馆,中央美术学院美术馆,浙江美术馆,中华世纪坛,巴黎大皇宫,国会宫美术馆,开罗国家艺术厅等。目前,他的作品已被中华世纪坛,元典美术馆,浙江美术馆,环铁艺术时代美术馆,Vest Agder Museum,中华世纪坛,元典美术馆等艺术机构收藏。