Tang Zhigang

Tang Zhigang (Chinese, b. 1959) born in Kunming, Yunnan province, grew up in a Chinese military family and joined the PLA army directly after graduation from secondary school. He learnt oil painting at the PLA Art Academy in Beijing in the late of 1980s and currently lives and works in Beijing. Tang’s early work were primarily about life in the Chinese army. From the late 1990s to 2012, he created the iconic Children in Meeting, Chinese Fairy Tale, and Never Grow Up series of works of art. Tang Zhigang’s works of art are closely related to his unique experience, through the art of humorous language, by children’s naïve image and serious political conference scenes to create a great contrasting, ridiculous sense of image, vaguely depicting the real situation and highlights his own critical attitude and the exploration of human nature. His works have been exhibited in the following art institutions, including Shenzheng Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Liu Haisu Art Museum, National Art Museum of China, Yunnan Provincial Museum, Bulgarian National Telecommunications Museum Art Center, Czech National Gallery, Yuan Xiaocen Arts Center, Guangdong Art Museum, Tang Contemporary Art, Red Bridge Gallery, doArt Gallery and more. Recently, he has held solo and group exhibitions at CGK Contemporary Gallery (2019), Wenda Gallery (2018), IWE Art Museum (2018), Manege Central Exhibition Hall (2017), Yunnan Art Museum (2016), Hanart TZ Gallery (2015), Yuan Xiaocen Art Museum (2015), Yunnan Provincial Museum (2014), Four-Face Space Art Centre (2014), Guangxi Art Museum (2013), National Art Museum of Romania (2013), Guangxi Art Museum (2013), Red Bridge Gallery (2013).