Tashi was born in 1979 in Shigatse, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), China. Now he lives and works in Lhasa. Right after graduating from the Academy of Arts, Minzu University of China in 2003, Tashi and the other artists established Bocun Art Space. Since 2010, he has been working as a teacher at Lhasa Middle School. His works were showed in different art institutions and galleries such as Coral & Feather Gallery (Beijing), Songzhuang Art Center (Beijing), Bocun Art Space (Tibet) and more. Currently, he participated in The 9th China International Youth Art Festival (Beijing) and The 13th Asian Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong).



Artistic Statement
Art to me is a universal language. Although people have different skin colors and different native languages from different countries, art is always interlinked. Art means to experience life, enjoy life, record life and improve aesthetic taste. Emotion is a highly essential part of my life. It can not only enrich and influence life, but also reflects the value of objective things. The relationship between art and religion reflected in my works came from life, but it was not all a direct reaction of real life. Instead, it was expressed by imagination and exaggeration

In my opinion, there is no distinction between contemporary Tibetan art and Chinese or world contemporary art, but artists just use different ways to express. As Fei Xiaotong said, “when we appreciate the culture values of others as our own, the world will become a harmonious whole. Everybody cherishes his or her own culture/values, and if we respect and treasure other's culture values, the world will be a harmonious one.”